Our Practice Areas

Copyright Law

Miklosey & Thompson can advise you on all aspects of copyright, including development, registration, enforcement litigation, and avoiding and defending infringement claims. Our firm strives to provide cost-effective measures without sacrificing professional expertise or complete dedication to the best possible resolution of your copyright issues.

Trademark Law

Our attorneys fully understand the importance of developing, establishing and maintaining the strength of your brand. We provide expertise in assisting and advising businesses of all sizes and industries to create, prosecute, and protect trademarks and trade dress. Our firm will also vigorously pursue and defend trademark infringement claims and trade secrets.

Patent Law

We believe innovation is the greatest gift we can give to each

other in our community. Creating value in the lives of others

through innovation is no easy task. For your contributions to

society we believe it is important to protect the integrity and

value of your invention with patent protection. We work with

a team of patent experts to draft and submit your patent

applications ensuring the process is seamless and enjoyable

for you. Novel inventions require specialized knowledge and

a deep understanding of how the USPTO processes patent

applications. Our firm can assist you with patent preparation,

prosecution, and litigation ensuring your valuable innovation

and intellectual property rights are protected.

Business Law

Miklosey & Thompson can provide strategic advice regarding the creation of new businesses as well as the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other businesses, and the government. Our knowledge can assist you in identifying and creating the best business entity customized to meet the needs of your company, obtain the most preferable tax treatment, and ensure compliance with the law. Our business-savvy attorneys can help navigate complex transactions and contracts to maximize your business potential and minimize exposure to litigation. We can also assist you in drafting internal agreements to control how your business operates and is managed, including non-compete agreements, nondisclosure agreements, partnership agreements, independent contractor agreements, terms of use agreements, protection of trade secrets, and much more.


Contracts play an integral role in the day-to-day functioning of your business. Contracts allow business parties to create and enforce agreements that govern their relationships and interactions with each other. As such, the terms contained within their contracts must be enforceable, detail all performance requirements, and provide explicit remedies in the event of a breach. Clear and explicit contracts protect your rights and also prevent exposure to costly litigation. Our attorneys can help you craft strong and comprehensive contracts to address your specific business needs to create clear, concise agreements with strong enforcement measures. We can also assist you in prosecution and defense of breach of contract claims, and advise you if and when a contract should be broken. Our familiarity with state law and regulations, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code, means we have the expertise necessary to assist you no matter your business.

Property Law

Miklosey & Thompson can tackle all aspects of the varied and complex realm of real estate law. Sales, title defects, land use, development, leasing, foreclosures, and landlord/tenant issues are among the many foreseeable facets of business in the real estate realm. Our firm can help you clear hurdles and protect your investment.

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