About Us

With over a decade of experience we are intimately aware of the growing needs and limitless ambitions of small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors, and all other creative and innovative minds. In an exponentially tech-savvy world, it is our mission to match our legal expertise with your goals and aspirations to generate positive results that will bring your big ideas to fruition and enrich you financially and personally. We are attorneys, and we are also business owners who know all too well what it takes to launch into and thrive within a competitive business environment. Let us apply the law to your strategic advantage and build professional relationships to lay the foundations for success.

As legal advocates in your property disputes we offer strategic preemptive and aggressive representation to protect your property rights and work zealously to advocate for your preferred settlement.  We are your confident advocate for highly volatile disputes in business and family law matters.

Meeting the Needs of Modern Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Now more than ever, the difference between success and failure hinges on the ability to swiftly adapt to, and capitalize on, ongoing trends in a competitive, dynamic and increasingly less predictable business environment. No matter your market, niche, or expertise, professional legal advice is a powerful and essential tool in developing successful business strategies that protects your creativity and innovation, and allows you extract maximum value for your efforts.

Why Choose Us

Honesty Through Expertise

We greatly understand and appreciate the value of honesty in identifying issues in order to craft effective solutions. Without honest and professional assessments, problems get ignored and accumulate into bigger ones. Our firm will always value honesty with clients in a professional matter with a commitment to meaningful and practical resolution.

Modern Legal Practice

The world is changing a mile a minute, and the realm of business is no substitute. Our firm embraces and utilizes ever-evolving technologies, systems and software that allow us to work quickly and efficiently for you.

More Than A File

As a family-ran practice, Miklosey & Thompson truly appreciates trust, dedication, and solid work ethic. These principles do more than guide successful businesses – they craft meaningful relationships where people invest in people. With us, you are more than a file. We take a sincere interest in your success and desire to help you every step of the way. 

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Building Relationships As A Pathway To Success

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