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We are experienced in Divorce and family law proceedings. We can assist you with simplified or extremely complex custody and property dissolution issues. Learn your rights before beginning divorce discussions when possible.

Real Estate Law

The Purchase, Development, and Sale of Real Estate is often Complex and demands multi-faceted Expertise. Our Firm is here to assist you in every aspect and clear every hurtle.

Business Law

Getting Started is Always the Biggest Leap. Identifying and Creating the Best Business Model for your Business is Essential to Extracting the Most Value for your Efforts. Let us help you so you can do what you do best.



Brand Identification is Everything when it comes to Building a Consumer Base. Allow us to put our Experience and Expertise to work for you to help you Create, File and Utilize Distinctive Marks, and to Protect your Brands.


The Protection of your Business and Assets is predicated on Strong and Comprehensive Contracts. We can help fashion contracts for all of your Business Needs and Relationships that can Foresee and Withstand all possible Challenges. Cure the Headache before you ever get one with Ironclad Contracts.


Creating Rights in, and Protection for, your Artistic Creations. We can help you Develop and Protect what is Uniquely Yours, from the Idea Phase to Binding Legal Protection to Asserting your Legal Rights.

“I have witnessed Attorney Thompson first hand and she is a fierce debator! She is highly educated and a Harvard University certified negotiator, and it shows! She was sincerely devoted to helping achieve the resolution that was desired. I highly recommend this firm.”

Robert, 2015

“Ms. Thompson is very professional, kind and understanding. She guided me through many legal processes with success! I would definitely use her services again!”

Jessica, 2015

“I’m very happy because he’s a true fighter for the law, and works extremely hard for his client. He’s very dedicated, devoted, highly experienced, and very knowledgeable. I chose him to be my lawyer for my lifetime, because of his success, in the law, for his clients, professionalism, honesty, ethical, and sincerity. Every time either my family or friends need a lawyer, I speak very highly of him, and he becomes their attorney, also. If you want a winning, excellent lawyer, he’s the one to go to! His partner, also another outstanding attorney, too. They’re both truly great people, very amazing, and they truly care about their clients. I love them both! It’s an honor to know such an amazing team. I now call them my friend, too, besides attorney. You’ll be very happy, comfy, and I felt like family. He really went out of his way, on a Sunday, to meet with me, because I could not meet with him during the week. I have a ton of reasons, that I truly appreciate, besides winning. Highly recommend him, you’ll be very glad you did!”

Elizabeth, 2016

“Krista’s ingenuity and the diligence she employs with every client she works with is admirable. Krista is meticulous with every detail, and really has a passion for what she does in every aspect of her practice.”

Joseph, 2015